Why We Claim, You Should Claim, With eClaims

why we claim you should claim with eclaimsEven the best jobs have aspects that aren’t particularly glamorous. Movie stars have to memorize lines, chefs have to chop onions, and famous musicians have to practice their scales. Dental office managers are no exception to the rule: every dental office manager has to go through the tedious and time-consuming process of submitting insurance claims. While we can’t alleviate the less savory demands of cooks and starlets, thankfully we can offer relief to dental professionals! We offer a solution which makes the process of handling insurance claims quicker, easier, and more efficient, transforming it from “necessary evil” to just plain…necessary.



Eaglesoft eClaims screen grabeClaims is a service available to customers who use Eaglesoft, Patterson’s comprehensive practice management software. This service is designed to help you efficiently create, review, and submit claims electronically to insurance companies. The advantages of using one trusted portal for the entire process are plentiful. eClaims customers experience faster turnaround time on insurance payments, as well as a reduction in the number of rejected claims. In fact, several insurance companies — an updated list of which you can view here at any time — will now process your claims in real-time, which allows you to know precisely what will be paid within a matter of seconds!

The benefits of eClaims don’t just end once you send in a claim. In an effort to mirror the seamless shopping experience we’ve all grown accustom to with major online retailers, eClaims includes a feature which allows you to track each of your claim submissions. It also generates status reports for each submission, notifying you both when your claim has been received, and when it is being processed.

The 3-minute video below offers additional insight into eClaims, including a real time demonstration of the user interface:



One of the scariest aspects of a more traditional insurance claim submission process is the feeling that you’re alone on an island…one office manager adrift in a sea of paperwork and processes. This is far from the case with Eaglesoft eClaims! Not only will you gain access to “eClaim connect,” an online portal which provides added insight into eClaims submissions, you also have the Patterson Technology Center team on your side.

patterson technology center effingham illinoisThe Patterson Technology Center, a 100,000 square-foot-facility in Effingham, Illinois.

The Patterson Technology Center (PTC) was launched to ensure that you get the most from all Patterson computer-related technologies. The PTC team provides prompt, professional issue resolution via real people that are real experts…no robots here! You can read more about the PTC facility HERE, and find quick links to the multitude of ways to contact them HERE.

Lastly, Patterson customers have 24/7 access to a robust FAQ site, with over 60 detailed articles on eClaims alone. In addition to written resources, there are animated Eaglesoft video tutorials aplenty. Browse through popular help topics HERE.



eaglesoft eservicesEaglesoft was created to be a complete dental software solution for dental practices of any size, and as such, eClaims is just one feature of Eaglesoft’s suite of offerings. Taking advantage of other eServices including eAttachments, eReminders, ePrescriptions, and more, will provide your staff with additional time so they can focus more on patient care! When you can cut down the stress and hassle of making phone calls, printing claims, printing statements, and processing paperwork, the workflow of your practice will improve, and your time is freed up to identify additional revenue opportunities.

Happy dental team in modern office

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Patterson appreciates (and is thoroughly impressed by!) all that dental office managers do to keep their offices running smoothly. We’re happy to help improve efficiencies and decrease stress through services like eClaims, but that’s far from the only way to feel supported and appreciated. Patterson is the diamond level sponsor of AADOM, the American Association of Dental Office Managers. If you’re an office manager and you’d like to learn more about AADOM, a national support, continuing education, and career development resource created specifically for you, stop by DentalManagers.com! Please feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Why We Claim, You Should Claim, With eClaims

  1. We are a fee for service office. Would we be able to use the Eaglesoft eclaims? We are in zero networks and plan to stay that way!

    1. Hi Linda! So sorry for the delay here! If you are processing and sending/mailing insurance claims to insurance companies on behalf of your patients, then YES your practice could benefit from submitting those insurance claims electronically to the insurance companies, instead of mailing them. Please let us know if that helps address your question, and if not we can happily connect you to our tech center for additional assistance.

  2. Is there a general timeline for how long printed eclaims reports should be kept? Thank you.

    1. Hi Angie,
      Thank you for your question!
      There is no “set” guideline regarding how long the reports should be kept.
      All eClaims customers get access to a resource called eClaims Connect, a website where you can look up the status of any claim that you have sent electronically, at any time.
      If you’d like more details about eClaims Connect, our support team would love to help! You can use this number: 800.475.5036

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