Eaglesoft Tip: Emailing Images

As an Eaglesoft trainer, I thoroughly enjoy the “little things” that make my customers so happy! I was recently in a large clinic for a digital X-ray training when a front desk staff member asked me if there was an easier way to email images from multiple exams in one email. I answered, “Why don’t I show you how I do it and you tell me if you think it’s easier than what you’ve been doing and we’ll go from there.” After I showed her how to email the images, she just about fell over in her chair with relief and excitement! She never did tell me how she was emailing her images but from her reaction my guess is she was going through many, many more steps.

I always encourage my offices to ask me any questions they might have no matter how simple the answer may seem. You never know – it just might change your life like it did hers!

To print images (or email) from multiple exam dates on one sheet of paper (or send in one email):

  1. Click on File and Browse Images.
  2. Find the exams that contain the images, and check the box next to each image.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click on File > Print All to print or File > Email All to send one email containing all of your images.

Hint: The Browse and Email All options can be added to your toolbar for further flexibility!

For more information, see FAQ 4127.