Educating your patients where they are

As a dental professional, you know and understand the importance of good oral hygiene.  You know the details of dental procedures and the importance of post-op care.  Unfortunately, you and your team can not be with your patients 24/7 to see that they follow your recommendations.

Traditionally, you have had to rely on your patients remembering your mantras and messages when they are not in your office.  Now with the wide-spread use of smart phones and tablets, you can easily deliver these messages to your patients anytime.

By using a patient education software like CAESY, you can easily present educational videos and tools to your patients while they’re in your office.  You can then print out those materials to send home with your patients.  And as an added bonus, you can follow-up by e-mailing videos to them so they can refer back with any questions or share the information with other decision makers.  In addition, you can have those videos on your own website, helping your patients and community understand the importance of their oral health.

Not only is this educating your patients, but it’s how they want to be taught.  As consumers, patients are accustomed to searching the internet and watching videos to gain the knowledge they are looking for.  Having CAESY in your practice assures that your patients are receiving valuable content to help them understand procedures and treatment plans, making them more apt to follow through with your recommendations. Informed patients are happy patients, and CAESY gives you the ability to keep them informed even when they’re not in your office.