Educational Resources for Root Canal Patients

If you’re an endodontist, you already have a big challenge facing you – patient anxiety. For a patient, when they hear the words “root canal”, a pang of fear may run through their body as they run through how awful and painful the experience could be. These initial fears can be challenging to overcome, but one way to help make your patients feel at ease is to educate them on the procedure before they’re in the chair and after.

Patient Education

We frequently hear from dentists that patient education is key to increasing case acceptance in their practices. Especially for treatment plans that can get complicated, like a root canal or implant, visual educational tools can really help a patient understand the procedure and calm their nerves. To give you an idea about what I mean, below are previews of 3 of our most popular educational videos in CAESY, Patterson’s patient education software.

Video 1: Diagnosing Root Canal Therapy

In this video, patients start to understand the factors that contribute to the need for a root canal and what could happen if they postpone treatment. This is a great video to show to patients that are being told for the first time that they need root canal treatment, or are on the fence about accepting treatment.

Video 2: Crowns After Root Canal Therapy

For patients that want to understand the purpose of a crown, this video will sum it up for them pretty easily. The video explains how root canal treatment can reduce the strength of a tooth and why it’s often recommended to have a crown placed.

Video 3: Why A Root Canal After A Crown?

For a patient that has had a crown placed in the past, but has since had an infection manifest in that tooth, they may not understand why they need to have a root canal done. This video is designed to explain what can happen under the crown that would lead to a future need for root canal treatment.

Our tool is full of great resources for root canal patients, and these are just a few examples of many types of patient education videos that CAESY has to offer.  You can check out our presentation list, or call your local Patterson rep to find out more about CAESY.