Endo Essentials: The Benefits Of Endodontics & How To Get Started

endo essentials: the benefits of endodontics and how to get startedFrom outlining the 7 steps of endodontics, to covering 8 products at the root of root canals, we’ve enjoyed taking the month of March to publish various pieces of content focused on endodontics. The month isn’t over yet, though, and today we’ll be sharing a few more “endo essentials!” This post will cover compelling statistics regarding the benefits of endodontics, as well as 5 tools that are essential for those looking to add this particular dental specialty to their practice’s suite of offerings.



the benefits of endodontics

Today, dental professionals are constantly faced with a dilemma: maintain a patient’s natural teeth through endodontic procedures, or replace the tooth with an implant. Implants are growing in popularity and though a natural tooth cannot always be saved, here are 3 interesting statistics that make the case for saving natural teeth via endodontic procedures, versus replacing them:

  1. Long-Term Retention: Retention rate studies show that endodontically treated teeth are retained at about 95%-97% after 8 years.  [Source]
  2. Limited Additional Intervention: A 2008 study conducted by the University of Alabama, found that only 1.4% of root canals required additional intervention.  [Source]
  3. Patient Preference: A survey conducted by the American Association of Endotontists (AAE), revealed that 76% of participants would prefer a root canal to an extraction.  [Source]



how to get started with endodonticsIf you’re a general practitioner looking to incorporate endodontics into your practice, review your instrument inventory to ensure that you have these 5 essential endo instruments:

(click any of the tools below to shop Patterson’s selection)

  1. Explorer: This tool is used to locate root canal orifices.
  2. Rubber Dam Clamp: This tool is used to isolate the tooth and keep it free of saliva.
  3. Excavator: This tool is used to remove dentin from the pulp chamber.
  4. Plugger: This tool is used to compact filling material during vertical condensation.
  5. Spreader: This tool is used to compact filling material during lateral condensation.



additional resources about endodontics

If you’d like more detailed information on endodontic instruments, a great place to start is by exploring Patterson’s new Instrument Finder feature, HERE.

If you prefer human contact, your local Patterson representative is always anxious to hear from you! You can find the contact information of your nearest Patterson branch by entering your zip code, HERE.

World leading dental instrument manufacturer Hu-Friedy has put together a detailed digital catalog called “Endo Essentials,” which you are welcome to browse or download HERE!

What do you think: endo-overload, or would you like to see more resources about this dental specialty, which is continuing to grow in popularity? Let us know your musings in the comments below “endon’t” forget to tag us on any of our social media accounts with additional feedback, questions, or comments!

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  1. My wife and I have been looking for an endodontist to help with a few things, but we haven’t really known the benefits. I liked that you had mentioned that teeth that are treated this way are retained at almost 100% after several years. We’ll have to start looking around for an endodontist to help out with the problems she is facing with her teeth currently.

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