Recently, GC America launched EQUIA™, a bulk fill, self-adhesive aesthetic posterior rapid restorative system.

It is a combination of a self-adhesive, highly filled glass ionomer (Fuji IX™ GP Extra) and a self- adhesive filled resin surface sealant (G-COAT PLUS™).

EQUIA™ features:

  • First self-adhesive bulk fill permanent posterior restorative system
  • Apply EQUIA™ Coat for a permanent restoration in Class I and conservative Class II cavities
  • High esthetics (eight shades) and translucency
  • Maturation hardens (strengthens) over time
  • Great for high caries risk patients
  • EQUIA™ offers it all – faster placement, easier finishing, wet-field compatibility, reduced post-operative sensitivity and filling reliability
  • Sustainable fluoride release and rechargeable fluoride

We will have more information including ads for EQUIA™ in upcoming Ontarget publications.