Hu-Friedy Biofilm Webinar

Hu-Friedy is proud to offer dental professionals free continuing education courses through our live webinars. Join Hu-Friedy for an upcoming webinar, “Tackling Biofilm with Air Polishing and Ultrasonics.”

The aim of this 90-minute program is to provide participants with a blueprint of how to integrate subgingival air polishing along with ultrasonic instrumentation into clinical protocols for biofilm management during prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance. Use of subgingival air polishing preceding hand and ultrasonic instrumentation ensures the most effective and efficient removal of biofilm. Low-abrasive air polishing powder is safe for tooth surfaces, restorative materials and the tissue lining of periodontal pockets.

Join Hu-Friedy to learn how to enhance your armamentarium in effectively and efficiently treating today’s initial and recare periodontal patient where surgical therapy may not be feasible.

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  • Identify strategies for integration of air polishing and ultrasonic instrumentation into clinical protocols.
  • Examine the clinical evidence supporting subgingival air polishing and ultrasonic instrumentation.
  • Examine clinical benefits of managing biofilm with subgingival air polishing and ultrasonic instrumentation.
  • Implement techniques unique to this modality, especially in the area of enhancing patient comfort.

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