Get the most out of your Eaglesoft software – virtually everywhere!

With technology’s ever-changing products, I am excited for our customers to have this great product available. With Eaglesoft 17, offices have the ability to manage their critical data from the web and their mobile devices. All you need is Internet access! Think of how many different ways you can utilize this new product. For instance: on the golf course on a Friday afternoon, a family’s sports game, at home after hours, or even at the shopping mall. Better yet, you can use Eaglesoft Mobile in your office with an iPad and show your patients their digital images.

This online tool works by Eaglesoft communicating over the Internet from your database to your web or mobile device. There are certain requirements necessary to ensure quick, steady and safe transmission, and to protect your confidential office data. Once this is set up, your office is accessing your data real time, which means whatever is entered into Eaglesoft is seen in Eaglesoft Mobile as soon as it is entered and saved, and vice versa, truly a great feature!

Eaglesoft Mobile gives you the ability to view your patients’ information from their patient screen details, medical alerts, to service history, planned services, notes history, images and much more! Take a look at their account details and filter, if needed, for specific items. Your office schedule can be viewed for any date range, any provider, as well as by day, week or month. Look at the details of each patient’s appointment and other appointments scheduled for that patient.

Do you need a reminder of a certain task for when you return to the office? Utilize the Task Manager in Eaglesoft Mobile to create a new task and choose the specific date for this. The information will be saved in your Eaglesoft data and be available immediately.

View your Post Op calls for the day once you have left the office and call your patients from the convenience of your home. Have the patient information available to you literally at your fingertips!

How about emailing your patient directly from Eaglesoft Mobile? Just a click on the patient’s email address and you can send an email at any time. From your mobile device, you can also click on the phone number of your patient and connect directly to their number. You are also able to view a “Phone Book” of your Provider/Staff, Pharmacy, Referral and Laboratory lists and call directly. All of this and more!

I hope this information has been helpful and given you some insight on how beneficial this new product will be for your office. If you are interested in learning more about Eaglesoft Mobile and its features, you can access our FAQ website for FAQ 20622 and FAQ 18552, which will give you some links to very informative videos. FAQ 18583 will contain a document to guide you through the use of this great product, and remember to contact our Patterson Technology Support Center at 800.475.5036 should you have any questions.

Once your office has Eaglesoft 17, sign up and start getting the most out of your Eaglesoft software from virtually everywhere!

6 thoughts on “Get the most out of your Eaglesoft software – virtually everywhere!

  1. Our office loves this feature! One of our staff members went into early labor and has worked from home the past few weeks. Do you have any idea when online forms transmittal and online payment processing (both integrated with Eagle Soft) will be available? Lacking these makes us seem very “low tech.”

    1. Martha, thank you for your response and I am glad to hear ES Mobile has been a great advantage for your office!
      Those two enhancements are definitely being reviewed. Presently with our partner, RevenueWell, a patient can make an online bill payment after reviewing their Eaglesoft account history in RevenueWell, after which the payment is logged on the practice’s RevenueWell dashboard with an alert. The payment will then be entered into Eaglesoft by the office at this time. Enhancements are always coming with Eaglesoft and RevenueWell.

      1. Thank you for letting me know this is being considered. I know that other companies make online payment and form completion easy and seamless. Patients actually expect that as we pay most of our other bills online. This leaves the impression of being high tech because patients can see that the technology helps them. I’ll hope to see it soon.

    1. Great suggestion, Dr. Medina! Thank you and I will be sure to relay this to our team at the Patterson Technology Center.

  2. Please help! We would really like to get our new patient forms (medical history, patient information) to be digital forms on Revenuewell that can be filled out online and then submitted through Revenuewell. We have forms that we printed and scanned but it would be so much more efficient and patient-friendly to have them fill them out directly online. It would be great if these form answers could then be integrated into the Eaglesoft software directly. Can it be done??? Thanks!

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