Get to Know 5 Dental Equipment Specialists

Read on to learn what five Patterson Dental equipment specialists love about their work.

For every equipment specialist at Patterson Dental, there’s an endless stream of work to do and people to see. But that’s how they like it. Each takes the role of mentor and guide, actively listening to customers to help set the entire practice up for long-term success.

We caught up with five inspiring equipment specialists – hear what they love about working at Patterson, what they love about working with customers like you, and discover unique perspectives on the role of 3D imaging in a modern practice.

Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist Andy Braun.
Andy Braun
Equipment Specialist | Louisville, Kentucky | 19 years of service

Why do you love working at Patterson?

Part of it is belief. Part of it is loyalty. Patterson has had my back in my career and in my personal life. I love the team I work with and I enjoy the responsibility that my role brings. The competition that’s involved and the personal investment you have to put into your work to be successful – it’s all part of the package.

What’s the best part of your job?

I’ve worked as a territory representative, a general manager and now as an equipment specialist. In this role, I’m able to help doctors make big decisions for their families, their practices and teams. Being someone who is looked at as a guide, and someone who is trusted for this kind of support is something I enjoy. You can do that in other roles, but I found that I could spend more time developing relationships as an equipment specialist.

How do you approach the 3D imaging conversation with customers?

A lot of it is about asking questions that uncover opportunities for growth in the practice, better care for the patients and creating a really good environment and lifestyle for the staff. We’re not trying to push doctors one way or the other – we have these basic principles.

When a doctor asks me about cone beam, the first thing I ask is “What makes you want to consider this for your practice?” If there’s good, solid reasoning we ask more questions to start to determine whether this is actually right or wrong for the practice. That’s the thing – this is a long-term relationship.

Tell us about some interests or hobbies you have outside of work.
I have a bigger family – two of our boys play baseball and I coach on three teams right now. So most of our time is spent in ballparks all summer. We’re outdoors people too, so there’s a lot of hunting and fishing going on.

Headshot of Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist Amy Fuller.
Amy Fuller
Equipment Specialist | Billings, Montana | 8 months of service

What do you love about your job at Patterson?

Since I spent 10 years in periodontics before starting at Patterson, I’ve enjoyed bringing the perspective of being a practitioner to my job every day. I’m able to have a different level of conversation with doctors, and it’s been fun to work with colleagues in a different capacity. I also love the travel, as well – I have the luxury of covering the entire state of Montana, so I get to see all of these beautiful places.

How can customers benefit from exploring 3D imaging?

Every clinician in the office can benefit from cone beam. Hygienists see patients every six months and can be empowered to help identify issues. Doctors can use that insight to take 3D images earlier. Beyond that, other team members need to know about this technology so they can understand the investment in patient care – it’s something that can be broadcast to patients through every person on the team.

Tell us about some interests or hobbies you have outside of work.

My daughter plays international basketball, so I follow her around the world to events. One of my sons is really into baseball right now, so that’s a constant for us. So we kind of chase the kids around and try to do some hiking and exploring at places like Glacier National Park.

Headshot of Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist Mark Plancon.
Mark Plancon
Equipment Specialist | Connecticut | 10 years of service

Why do you love working at Patterson?

I love to help doctors grow their practice. For me, the point is to create efficiency and take better care of patients so that the business can remain effective for an entire career and carry you into retirement.

How do you approach the 3D imaging conversation with customers?

Things usually start when you ask the doctor about what they want in the future. Asking questions like, “Have you seen airway studies?” or “Do you see yourself doing implants?” When you ask these questions and open up some new possibilities, doctors will oftentimes start to spin up their own questions and conversations.

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Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist Micah Blackwood.
Micah Blackwood
Equipment Specialist | Seattle, Washington | 3 years of service

Why do you love working at Patterson?

One thing I love about our company is that we have clear differentiation from our closest competition. It starts from when you first meet with a customer – you talk with them about resources we have. If it’s a doctor who wants to build a practice from the ground up, we can offer 3D modeling with our design team; we’ve got wonderful manufacturer partners across the board so we can offer a range of options that can help these doctors not only perform new procedures but also communicate with their patients better than before.

What do you love about your job in particular?

You really get to know your customers on a personal level. You go through good times and tough times. They see you as a business partner – someone who is there for the long term instead of there for transactions. I mean, there are customers who come to my kids’ birthday parties and I’ve been invited to barbecues. These are close relationships that can go beyond business.

How do you approach the 3D imaging conversation with customers?

It depends on the doctor’s vision – not just today, but two, three, five or more years down the road. They need to have some feel for the treatment options they want to offer as they look forward in their career. Do they see themselves getting into implants? Sleep apnea analysis? Once they understand their priorities, you can start to go on the journey of deciding what tool can enable that kind of work.

Tell us about some interests or hobbies you have outside of work.

I’m a big runner, so I’m constantly out doing trail runs. There are so many gorgeous mountains out here. I also coach my boys in basketball; it’s a great way to stay connected with them and stay active.

Patterson Dental Equipment Specialist Randy Kreuter.
Randy Kreuter
Equipment Specialist | Columbus, Ohio | 11 years of service

Why do you love working at Patterson?

What I’ve loved about Patterson is the decision-making ability that they give us – the autonomy that we have to ensure that every single day, we know we did the most we could for a customer. It’s the ability to make things right on the spot if there’s ever any issue – there’s a high priority placed on serving our customers well.

How can customers benefit from exploring 3D imaging?

One of the things I hear all of the time is that customers believe they need to place implants to justify the purchase of cone beam. It’s just not the case. The majority of general practitioners aren’t placing implants yet, so it’s been important for me to meet them where they are – talking about the increase in finding treatable dentistry. So while implants can be a game-changer, they don’t have to be the sole motivation for bringing in 3D imaging.

Tell us about some interests or hobbies you have outside of work.

I’m a bass fishing junkie! I’ve gone on an annual trip with my dad for the past 20 years and my sons (ages 4 and 6) are learning to fish as well. A lot of what I do revolves around the boys. My other biggest passion is cars – my dad and I have restored muscle cars all my life, and I even worked in NASCAR for a year and a half before starting with Patterson.


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