Grins for a Good Cause: A Lot to Smile About in 2013

In a recent Off the Cusp post we highlighted the inspirational story of Donnell Rank; successful businesswoman, pageantry participant, volunteer, mentor to other women and cancer survivor.  Donnell is just one of many women who has been touched by generous donations collected through Patterson Dental’s breast cancer awareness initiative, Grins for a Good Cause.

After being diagnosed in 2012, Donnell quit her job and moved back home to focus on nursing herself back to health. Her high medical bills and inability to work left her with no other option but to apply for welfare, food stamps and assistance from a local breast cancer organization. Despite everything, she kept a positive attitude, calling cancer an amazing gift that gave her life-changing awareness.

Donnell has shared her optimism and strength with other women by counseling them in all areas of their lives, including supporting other women who are faced with cancer. She said her life’s purpose is to help women achieve their goals, and cancer hasn’t even slowed her down.

The ongoing Grins for a Good Cause campaign leverages Patterson’s nationwide network of 75 branches to help people like Donnell. Patterson employees at the local branches sell pink products and host a variety of events to heighten exposure, raise funds and help support the underserved and their families affected by breast cancer.

In 2013, Grins for a Good Cause raised over $150,000, bringing the total amount of dollars raised to over $850,000 since the initiative was launched in 2010. With your help, Grins for a Good Cause will continue to make a difference in the lives of many survivors and their families nationwide, giving us all something to smile about.

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  1. Very inspirational! So glad to know I work for a company that contributes to a cause like this. Heart warming story of encouragement.

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