7 Easy Steps to Success by Developing Integrity Within Your Dental Practice

I often get questions from people about what others are doing to become more “successful” and how they are achieving their goals in attaining success. Here are 7 easy steps to success by developing integrity within your dental practice:

1. Stay true to yourself

Never engage in procedures or activities you don’t believe in. Said another way, never sell a product or service you wouldn’t use yourself. Sometimes people can be motivated to do things for the wrong reason. Obviously, this is never a good idea. Recently I had a conversation with a doctor who admitted he might be over-prescribing for financial reasons, and he felt bad about it. My advice to him − STOP.

2. Accept total responsibility for your business

Everything that happens in your practice is a result of your own thinking, your own conduct and your own behavior. The practice and team will always be reflective of the leadership. I had this conversation with a doctor recently in the state of Arizona, and after some self-reflection, he commented that perhaps he needed to improve his “game.”

3. Always do right by the people you serve

In all your dealings, resolve to do whatever is right regardless of the outcome. This is something most dentists already do very well with their patients. Perhaps we can improve a bit with this as it relates to our team members.

4. Develop your business code of ethics

Your business is controlled by the magnetic pull of your most valued principles − your ethics. You and your entire team need to be on the same page with this topic. I find many have great ethics, but don’t always communicate it clearly to the team.

5. Always live in truth

Refuse to live a lie. Be authentic. Enough said!

6. Never expect something for nothing

We all want people to value what we do for our patients. Be sure to do the same for your business partners. As much as you don’t enjoy your patients questioning the value in what you do, your business partners feel the same way.

7. Never allow money or relationships to cloud your decisions

Your integrity is “Not for Sale.”

I am certain if you always live by these rules or something similar, the rest of life will work itself out. My experience is that if you always do the right things for everyone around you, generally speaking things will work out positively for your own economics.

Give 100% of yourself to your practice and team. Many people in life feel like they give their all until I have them watch the following video. It is a football coach motivating his team to do more. Watch it and then ask yourself this, “Could you give just a bit more?”  Do you give enough to your family, your friends, your practice?