Can You Guess These 10 Harry Potter Characters From Their Smiles?

harry potter character smile quiz

Today is a joyous moment in pop culture history. For on this, the 31st day of July, we celebrate the birthday of the fictional boy wizard, Harry Potter. (Of course you already knew this, because you downloaded and printed our free 2018 calendar which makes note of such momentous occasions…right? ?)

One of the reasons we love Harry Potter is because he has great taste in friends – both of Hermione’s parents are dentists, after all. Another reason for our forever fandom is because the Witches and Wizards of Hogwarts have very interesting, very signature smiles. Bust out the Butterbeer, slice up the cake, and celebrate The Boy Who Lived by taking our #SmileQuiz! Click on any of the images below to ✨magically✨ reveal the answer.


Gilderoy Lockhart Smile Closeup

These pearly whites are so pleasingly arranged, that they earned the title of Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile.

[Click image to reveal answer]



Rita Skeeter Smile Closeup

Be careful what you say around this smile, or you might find yourself Quick-Quoted. Is that a tooth gem??

[Click image to reveal answer]



That’s a smile only a mother could love. Too bad this guy’s mom didn’t get that chance…which explains a lot. ?

[Click image to reveal answer]



madame maxime smile closeup

These are larger than your average chompers…which makes perfect sense!

[Click image to reveal answer]



A pained grimace is the closest to a toothy grin you’ll ever get from this wizard.

[Click image to reveal answer]



Molly Weasley Smile Closeup

Stay on this witch’s good side if you want to avoid earning yourself a Howler.

[Click image to reveal answer]



Perhaps he didn’t get his teeth fixed because he didn’t know whether he should see a dentist or a veterinarian? 

[Click image to reveal answer]



Dolores Umbridge Smile Closeup

This smile means she’s either looking at kittens, or creating a new educational decree.

[Click image to reveal answer]



Harry Potter Smile Closeup

We’re 90 and 3/4% sure we know who the owner of this endearing smile is.

[Click image to reveal answer]



Bellatrix LeStrange Smile Closeup

Fiercely loyal to The Dark Lord, but can’t muster that same dedication to semi-annual dental cleanings… 

[Click image to reveal answer]


We applied anti-cheating spells to this post, so we trust you made it through all on your own. So, if this were an O.W.L., what would your score have been? Outstanding? Acceptable? Dreadful? Hopefully anything but Troll! Tell us how you fared in the comments below or on social media, and let us know whether you’d like us to create more quizzes like these.

Have a “Siriusly” great day!

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