Introducing: Steven Compau

You can’t be slow and still keep up with rapidly advancing technologies in the dental industry. That’s why Steven Compau is the perfect fit as Patterson Dental’s digital imaging marketing manager.

Steven recently started in the role, which includes managing the marketing of ever-improving digital imaging products. Keeping up won’t be a problem for him, as he served seven years in the United States Navy aboard a Fast Attack Submarine.

Since attending Oklahoma State University, Steven has been absorbing all the information he can about equipment and technology in the dental industry for the past eight years. Most recently, he has spent his time absorbing with Patterson as an equipment specialist.

In true, fast-acting fashion, Steven didn’t delay in deciding to accept the digital imaging marketing manager position – even though it meant a move from Dallas, Texas, to our corporate office in St. Paul, Minn., in the middle of winter. (Fortunately for Steven, he’s a hockey fan and will do OK in the North.)

His role in digital imaging is a perfect fit, because he enjoys working with technology in all aspects, be it installing, developing, training or selling. Steven’s appreciation for technology is exactly the spirit that keeps Patterson the technology leader.