How Medical History Is Re-energized in Eaglesoft

For those of you who have a specific, custom medical history form that reflects information that your office needs to retrieve from your patients, this is the solution for you to become the most efficient practice! With Eaglesoft 17, you have the ability to create a fully customizable medical history form that can be used within Eaglesoft to update the patient information and automatically store a copy within our electronic document manager, SmartDoc.

Think about your patient’s experience in your practice. Every office has certain questions to ask patients, most of which were found on our previous versions of medical history forms. With every office I have worked with over the years, there were always certain questions that were not found on our medical history form. Some offices would use their own form, while others would ask the additional questions and store that information under their notes history. Our customizable medical history can now have all the information readily available for patients in one area. How about certain dental-related questions that are asked of every patient?

The patient’s dental history:

  • How many times a day do you brush?
  • How many times a week do you floss?
  • What type of bristles does your toothbrush have?
  • Do you require antibiotics before dental treatment? If yes, type of medication
  • Are your teeth sensitive to heat, cold, or anything else?
  • Do you like your smile?

And so on. All of these questions can be added to your medical history form! There are also many pediatric practices that rely on specific information. Place these questions and specific items for the parents on the medical history form.

Our medical history feature can now be customizable for each question asked, as well as the specific areas noted for alerts on your patients. How many times have you looked at your patient alerts box and wished that only the dental-related items came up in that window? This is now possible with Eaglesoft 17’s Medical History. Only mark the items you, as a practice, wish to see as an alert when the patient either marks the alerts or does not. How about an alert for a “Smile Makeover” when the patient marks “No” to the question “Do you like your smile?” This is all possible now.

Medical History in Eaglesoft

The possibilities are endless! How about a medical history form in Spanish? Use this for your Spanish-speaking patients, so they can better understand what is asked of them on the form.

The original medical history form is still available to be used, or use this to build your custom form. Either way, by using the existing form and creating a copy to edit, or creating a form from the start, both options will give you a custom form tailored specifically for your practice.

A few good tips when creating the form:

  • To expedite creating your custom medical history form, make sure you have a printed copy on hand to follow when creating the electronic form in Eaglesoft.
  • Preview the form periodically, while it is being created, to be sure the format is what you are looking for.

Our FAQ #17988 will guide you through an on-demand webinar for the Customizable Medical History in Eaglesoft 17, as well as offer interactive tutorials that you can use to become familiar with the steps on creating a medical history form to suit your practice’s needs. FAQ #18680 walks you through with step-by-step instructions for creating this form.

As always, please contact our Patterson Technology Center at 800.475.5036 for more information on this updated feature. You can also utilize your local Patterson technology advisors, who are there to guide you to a successful transition with your customizable medical history.