New Services You Never Knew Existed

At Patterson we are always striving to find the latest techniques and technologies to ensure we offer our customers the very best this industry has to offer. When DDS Rescue came to the marketplace last year, we knew right away that this was the answer so many of our offices have been looking for. For the first time in the dental industry, DDS Rescue offers our clients redundancy for their server – not only their patient data but everything. This means that all of the programs installed on their server computer are duplicated both in the office and in the cloud. When the server computer goes down, an office with DDS Rescue just needs to switch over to the DDS rescue unit and patient flow continues uninterrupted.

We have all experienced crashes and have heard the stories of what can happen. In this age of digital technology and paperless practices, we all need our server up and running at all times. DDS Rescue is able to replicate our customer’s server on spare server hardware right in the office every hour of the day. This means that any crash can be completely recovered in minutes instead of days, and without waiting for a technician to get onsite. The unique cloud backup portion of DDS Rescue ensures that even fire, theft or flood destruction cannot keep you out of your software and schedule for more than an hour.

If you have ever had a week, a day or even an hour of downtime because of your practice’s server and network, then you already know the pain and expense this great new product can save you. Patterson customers expect the best experience and advice from their relationship with Patterson. DDS Rescue is part of that promise.