Now introducing the Instrument Finder

Similar to carbide and diamond burs, dental instruments present many unique combinations of shapes, sizes, applications and materials.   Because of this, we knew we could create a better search experience on by creating faceted search pages for instruments or, simply, the “dental instrument finder.”  If you’ve had a chance to use the bur finder, you will find a similar experience now exists for all of our dental instrument categories.  If you’re curious to learn more about what “faceted search” means, I encourage you to read my first post about the bur finder.   For the purpose of this post, I’d like to show how you can accomplish some common dental instrument searches within the new instrument finder experience.

1. I’m looking for a Hu-Friedy scaler H6/H7

  • Navigate to our Scalers Page
  • Select “Hu-Friedy” From Manufacturers facet

Dental instrument finder - Scalers 1

  • We refer to H6/H7 as design number.  Select H6/H7 from the “design number” facet

Dental instrument finder - Scalers 2

  • If you scroll down to the results, it’s mainly the handle type that differentiates the remaining 9 results.  From here you can select your preferred option.

Dental instrument finder - Scalers 3

2. I’m looking for a size 5, cone socket mouth mirror head

  • Navigate to our page for mouth mirror heads
  • From “Connection Type” select “Cone Socket”

Dental instrument finder - Mirrors 1

  • From Mirror Size, select “5.” Remember that the number in parentheses always indicates the number of results that meet that criteria.  In this case, there are 21 results that meet that are size 5, cone socket mouth mirror head.

Dental instrument finder - Mirrors 2


  • From here, you can select any additional criteria that matters to you (Manufacturer, Package Quantity etc.).
  • If you want to see the items that are most popular based on your selections, the filtered results are always auto-sorted by popularity.

3. I’m looking for Cotton Pliers

  • Navigate to our pliers page
  • Under “Pliers Type” select Cotton

Dental instrument finder - Pliers 1

Wait, I only want to see the 317 type Cotton pliers!

  • Under design number, select 317

Dental instrument finder - Pliers 2

Beyond Burs and Instruments, we’ve slowly been adding a faceted search experience for other product categories.  You can see all of our new faceted search categories here.  As always, we’d love to hear your questions about faceted search in the comments section.