Bur Finder Makes Your Search Fast and Easy

As part of discussions to improve the user experience on pattersondental.com, product findability or “search” always comes up. When we discuss “search” we are really referring to two things:

1) The customer experience after a term or phrase is entered into the search bar on pattersondental.com

2) The customer experience in finding a product through browsing through our product categories on our catalog page

In an effort to enhance the search experience for diamond and carbide burs, we’ve built the bur finder on pattersondental.com. The bur finder features new web pages for our burs that allow users to browse and filter down to an exact product based on the criteria that you choose.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how the bur finder can be useful to you.

1)  You are a looking for a carbide bur with a bur number of 557.

Bur Finder 1

  • Now you are able to see all of the 557 carbides available. Perhaps you want to see all the Midwest 557 friction grip carbide burs. Select “Dentsply” from the brand box and select “Friction Grip” from shank type. You will always see all of the results of your selections at the bottom of the page.

Bur Finder 2

2) You are looking for an 801 diamond bur with coarse grit.

  • Navigate to our page for diamond burs.
  • Select “801” from the bur number box and then select “coarse” from grit. You may be accustomed to seeing a diamond bur number as a 6-digit number followed by or preceded by a letter, for example 801-023-C, or C801-023. In this case the first three digits reference the shape, the second three digits reference the head diameter and the letter “C” references the grit. To find this specific bur, select “801” from the bur number box, select “coarse” for grit and select “2.3” for head diameter.

Bur Finder 3

3) Competitive Bur Lookup:

  • With some basic information about the burs you are searching for, you can use the bur finder to find equivalents from all the vendors we stock. For example, let’s say you have only an item number for a specific carbide bur that Patterson does not carry. You then go to the competitor’s online catalog, look up the item number and find this:


Now go to the carbide bur page on pattersondental.com. Select “friction grip” for shank type, select “round” shape and select “1/4” for bur number. You can now see all the equivalents from Patterson vendors.

Bur Finder 4

With these and other upcoming enhancements, we hope to make ordering even easier. Have you used the new and improved bur finder? Let us know what you thought of the tool in the comments below.

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