A Panoramic Guide on What to Skip

a panoramic guide on what to skipAs the cameras in our pockets get more advanced (we heard they even make phone calls these days!), most are now equipped with features that enable them to take panoramic images. In the dental business, panoramic images are a little different but the concept is the same – a horizon-to-horizon view. In honor of the current financing offer from Patterson and Sirona, we would like to provide a panoramic, horizon-to-horizon guide of what you should skip.

  • Should you skip the payments on Sirona extraoral imaging? Yes.
  • Should you skip the possibilities? No.

And, there you go! Now, let’s dig a little more into how you can skip the payments, and precisely which possibilities you don’t have to skip.

First, about the payments: Now, when you purchase Sirona digital imaging units of any amount, you can skip 6 months’ payments and enjoy 3.95% financing for 60 months. When you purchase Sirona digital imaging units of $75,000 or more, you can skip 3 months’ payments and enjoy 3.95% financing for even longer – 84 months.

Next, let’s talk about possibilities. Whether you are a specialist or a practice-based dentist, the Sirona digital imaging family offers a solution to meet your unique needs. As a premium provider with more than 100 years of X-ray experience, Sirona guarantees high-quality, long-lasting, and reliable products. Each option delivers the best image quality with the lowest dose of radiation, and an optimized workflow. That last sentence is important, so we’re going to revisit it, piece by piece!


The Best Image Quality

From the positioning of the patient to the completed image on screen: All phases of image capture are carefully synchronized to return the best possible result. Resolution and noise suppression ensure every detail is captured, and the metal artifact reduction feature captures interference-free images.


The Lowest Dose

Your patients can be assured they are receiving the lowest possible radiation dose, while still obtaining the best possible image for their dental health review and planning. Using state-of-the-art technology, Sirona’s image intensifier achieves this low dose even in large scan volumes. Dose can be reduced even further by using special programs in 2D, or reduction to a lower scan volume in 3D.


An Optimized Workflow

The time it takes to access information is reduced because findings are saved along with each panoramic image. You can diagnose immediately, with no downtime for processing. After the images are obtained, patient records are stored electronically, which means your team spends less time searching for important patient data. With use, you’ll soon discover even more ways to optimize your workflow that are unique to each Sirona digital imaging unit.


3 Units, Endless Possibilities

It’s not just about optimized workflow, though. As you learn more about the possibilities that you won’t be skipping, you’ll be on your way to zeroing in on the digital imaging unit that would be the best fit for your practice’s needs!


1. The Sirona Galileos

Sirona GalileosThis advanced CBCT unit with optional HD mode offers clinicians and specialists numerous options for diagnosis, treatment, and patient consultation. Software packages can include integrated implantology, Dolphin Integration and GALILEOS FaceScan (which helps patients better understand and accept treatment recommendations), and SICAT Function (which enables diagnosis and treatment of TMD). It is now available with SIDEXIS 4, the new standard for clinical diagnosis and patient communication…which happens to integrate seamlessly with Eaglesoft Practice Management Software.

Learn more about the Galileos by clicking here.


2. The Sirona Orthopos XG 3D

Sirona Orthopos XG 3DAvailable in standard and HD mode, this hybrid unit is optimized for daily practice tasks with superior image quality in both 2D and 3D. The clinical workflow advantages of both modes together allows the Orthopos XG 3D emit the lowest possible effective dose of radiation. The 2D module offers extensive panoramic and cephalometric X-ray programs, and 3D is there to boost diagnostic accuracy when needed most. It, too, is available with SIDEXIS 4, the new standard for clinical diagnosis and patient communication.

Learn more about the Orthopos XG 3D by clicking here.


3. The Sirona Orthopos XG 5

Sirona Orthopos XG 5This professional model offers features that include (but go beyond!) those offered in all 2D units – optimum workflow with multi-pad operation, high-quality diagnostic images with ASTRA and HiDef sensor, and the ability to minimize dose. It has TMD joint, sinus, bitewing, and pediatric panoramic programs that allow for more specific diagnoses, plus an optional cephalometric arm for orthodontics. Not to be outdone, it’s available with SIDEXIS 4, the new standard for clinical diagnosis and patient communication.

Learn more about the Orthopos XG 5 by clicking here.


Let’s Recap!

Time to recap: Should you skip the payments? Yes. Should you skip the possibilities? Absolutely not. Visit this web page for additional details on our “skip the payments not the possibilities” financing offer, and feel free to leave any questions or comments below.