DIY Dental Themed “Pun-kins”

diy dental themed pumpkins and halloween coloring pagesWith Halloween just two weeks away, most Americans have ~PUMPKIN~ on the brain. We’re drinking pumpkin flavored lattes, sniffing pumpkin scented candles, and dreaming up ways to incorporate these gorgeous gourds into our indoor and outdoor decor. We at Patterson are not immune to this pumpkin preoccupation, so we created a DIY project guaranteed to satisfy your pumpkin-ee pangs. Read on to find out how to easily create a cluster of eye-catching dental themed “pun-kins,” perfect for displaying inside or outside your dental practice!


DIY Dental Themed “Pun-kins”

diy dental themed pun-kinsCAVITIES BEWARE: There’s a dental team inside armed with toothbrushes and scalers, and you’re not welcome here! The first step in creating our “pun-kins” was brainstorming the funny phrases to feature. We came up with 9 in total, most of which appear in the images below. You can click on any of the images in this post for a full-size, high-resolution version, perfect for pinning! #HintHint

Free diy dental punkinsHere is the full list of phrases, which can be mixed and combined however you choose:


group of punny dental pumpkinsAnd here are the supplies you’ll need to recreate this project:

  • Pumpkins
    • We used a mix of craft pumpkins and real pumpkins to see which worked best. The stickers adhered more easily to the real pumpkins, but if you want to display your project year after year craft pumpkins have the edge.
  • Letters
    • We kept it simple and used these block letter alphabet stickers.
    • For a more perfect and precise look, you can download the pun sheets below and print them onto tattoo paper! The tattoos are then applied to your pumpkins in the same way they would be applied to your skin. For more complete instructions on that process, check out these examples by Studio DIY.
  • Paint Pen
    • This is optional. Paint pens are available at any craft store, and come in handy for drawing custom designs on your pumpkins. We used one to sketch the OffTheCusp logo onto a gourd.


Printable Pun-kin “Tattoo” Sheets

Click the printable pages below (which feature mirrored text on purpose) to be taken to the full size images, which can then be printed onto tattoo paper and applied to your pumpkins:

dental themed punkin printables sheet of printable dental pumpkin puns


white dental themed pumpkinsWe found that the pun-kins looked very pretty and cohesive when grouped together by color. A white cluster gives off an elegant vibe, and won’t “fight” with any decor you already have set up in your office.

dental themed pumpkins in mixed colorsOf course Halloween is one holiday where subtlety and elegance aren’t demanded of your decor – punch up your pumpkins by including some that are brightly colored! We happened to find these perfectly Patterson blue guys at Michaels, but if you can’t locate the pre-made shade you’re after, why not paint your pumpkins before adding the letters? One extra step and you’ll have totally custom creations that fit your brand.

pumpkin with your brands logoWhile we’re on the subject of customizing this project to fit your brand, grab that paint pen and sketch your office’s logo! We tried our hand at creating both the “Patterson swoosh” symbol and the OffTheCusp logo, and we love how both turned out.


Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Dental themed Halloween coloring pagesChances are good that patients will come into your practice and gape at your striking, hand-made pun-kins. If they want to get in on the action, we’ve created a set of free coloring pages which feature the same set of puns. Guests can color while they wait for their appointments, or you can send younger patients home with a few sheets and a box of crayons in their take-home supply bags. Click on any of the preview images below to be directed to the full size version to print. What arrrgh ya waitin’ for?

arrr ya flossing coloring pageTrick or teeth coloring pagecavities beware coloring pageboo-ti-ful smile coloring pageFangs for visiting coloring pagebrush 2 minutes 2x daily coloring pageSay AHHH coloring pageWill clean teeth for candy coloring pageLove the gums you're with coloring page
Speaking of patient giveaways perfect for this spooky time of year, Patterson offers lots of fun options, whether it’s Dr. John’s Candy Inspired sweets (sugar free, gluten free, GMO free, kosher, and safe for diabetics), or a seasonal novelty item like stickers, finger puppets, or squeezable stress balls. We hope you enjoyed our pun-kin creations, and that you give this craft a try. If you do, be sure and email pictures to, or tag us on social media! “Fangs” for visiting our blog and Happy Halloween!

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