Patterson Foundation Reaches New Milestone in Support of ADCF & MOM

patterson foundation reaches giving milestone

In 2015, the Patterson Foundation reached a milestone by surpassing $500,000 in support of America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF) and Missions of Mercy (MOM) events across the country!



patterson and adcf connectionThe Patterson Foundation and America’s Dentists Care Foundation have been working together since 2006.

The Patterson Foundation is a private grant-making foundation that provides grant funding to nonprofit organizations in the oral health field. The foundation focuses its grants on programs that provide dental care to disadvantaged communities. More detailed information on the Patterson Foundation, including additional opportunities it provides, can be found on

The ADCF provides equipment and support to state-run MOM events by contracting with state dental associations and other organizations to provide oral healthcare to the undeserved. The Patterson Foundation has provided more than $292,000 in grants to ADCF since 2010 and $273,000 to MOM events since 2006.



mom mini trailerADCF’s Mini MOM Trailer, funded in part by Patterson Companies – [Source]

The foundation reached this milestone in 2015 by awarding $52,500 to MOM events across the country, and through a $60,000 grant to ADCF to help outfit a 45-chair trailer to transport equipment and other items to assist Missions of Mercy dental clinics. The ADCF’s “Mini MOM” trailer enables MOM to host smaller-scale events in areas unable to support the usual 100-chair clinics, due to venue size, funding, or other factors.

In addition to support from the Patterson Foundation, many employees from Patterson Dental volunteer their services at MOM events to help with activities like pre-event planning and setting up and taking down dental equipment.

volunteers at a MOM eventAn army of volunteers help make MOM events around the country possible – [Source]

“Consistent support is a core planning tool for any nonprofit entity, and supporters like the Patterson Foundation are absolutely key to the efforts of ADCF in both the near and long term,” said Bill Blasing, ADCF executive director. “We’re always investigating and pursuing ways to bring even more value to our customers that utilize our equipment and expertise in order to help them better serve their patients. Creating an environment where oral health care to the underserved is constantly improved upon until a broader, more permanent solution is achieved, is always a fundamental goal for us at ADCF.”



cda cares eventCDA Cares event action photo, from San Diego in 2013 – [Source]

California Dental Association (CDA) Foundation hosts CDA cares, an ADCF-supported event and one that the Patterson Foundation has supported since its inception. “The CDA Foundation is grateful for the support we receive from Patterson Dental and its employees who volunteer their time at our CDA cares dental events,” said Jean Creasey, DDS, CDA Foundation chair. “Patterson is not only generous with its donations of dental materials and equipment, but their employees come alongside to help with many aspects of CDA Cares, including setup and maintenance of equipment throughout the event. Thanks to Patterson, we’re able to provide much-needed dental care for approximately 2,000 people at each event.”

Creasey continued, “Through its generous donations, the Patterson Foundation has provided grants that have helped the CDA Foundation offset the direct costs of volunteer support at CDA Cares, including food and event t-shirts, for our army of volunteers.”



collage of charitable causes supported by Patterson[Source: Left | Upper Right | Lower Right]

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