Are You Equipped to Succeed? Patient Preferences Infographic

How do your patients prefer to receive communication such as appointment confirmations and reminders from you? Chances are the answer is not one-size-fits all…nor should it be in 2018! More than ever, consumers are demanding highly personalized experiences, and the smartest companies and brands deliver, using customization as a strategy to win consumer loyalty.

What does this mean for your practice? It means that in order to succeed, you need to be communicating with your patients in the ways that they prefer. For Millennials, that might mean sending a text. For patients over 35, that could mean drafting an email or picking up the phone. Our friends at RevenueWell put together the following infographic, which offers some eye-opening statistics regarding patient preferences. Are you equipped to succeed? Find out!

patient preferences and your practice revenuewell infographic

[Click here to view or download a full size PDF version of this infographic]

If you’d like more “reasons to believe,” take a peek at this blog post, which offers 10 additional compelling statistics that will convince you to start texting your patients.

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