Patterson Technology Center: Why Customer Support Matters

To be an industry leader in any field, let alone the dental industry, you have to credit your business’s success to your customer’s success. That if it weren’t for your customer’s confidence in your services, which have led them to receive the support they need, you wouldn’t be at where you are.

That’s why we’ve invested resources so thoroughly into dental technology.

Patterson TechnologySM, our comprehensive technology service, is headquartered in the Patterson Technology Center (PTC). The state-of-the-art facility in Effingham, Ill. is the home base for Patterson’s high-tech development, testing and support.

In short, the PTC helps dental practices optimize equipment and technology from Patterson. This is not a perk that Patterson provides – instead, it is considered a responsibility and a Patterson promise. As the support center for the customers of Patterson Dental, the PTC has grown rapidly over the past decade and a half. In 1997, the PTC had 25 employees and 1,000 customers. Today, more than 400 employees work for the PTC, serving more than 85,000 customers.

The team at the PTC has a single goal: improve the patient experience and practice lifestyle for Patterson dentists.

Through live help, online chats, emails, calls and more, there’s support for you every step of the way. Find out how, or learn more here.