Patterson Today – Fall 2013

Three times a year, we release a new edition of Patterson Today, our office design, equipment and technology magazine. In each new edition we share the stories of doctors from around the country who have partnered with their local Patterson team to build a new practice. These practices are working to enhance the patient experience and deliver an improved practice lifestyle through advanced technology and equipment implementation.

In the latest edition, you will find the stories of dentists at various points in their careers who all found value in new practices. Below you’ll find some info about those stories:

As a child, Robin Kozlowski, DDS, visited her father’s dental practice in upstate New York and played “dentist” with her sister. Twenty years later, she has followed in her father’s footsteps and opened a beautiful practice enhanced by technology and design.

When Frank Matarazzo, DDS, and Anita Milici, DMD, have worked hard to establish one of Philadelphia’s most renowned dental practices. But as the city and practice grew, space became an issue. After securing a space in the historic Philadelphia Navy Yard, they began designing the practice of their dreams.

Down south in Naples, FL, Oivind Jensen, DDS, and Sean Carr, DDS, brought not only their dental talents together in a shared practice, they also brought their shared vision of advanced technology integration. Get a sneak peak at their story by watching this short video.

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