Perfecting the Art of Radiant, Long-Lasting Restorations

More than a just another dental procedure, restorations are an artform. Performing beautiful, lifelike restorations requires a tremendous amount of skill, expertise and attention to detail. When it comes to restoring your patients’ smiles, creating radiant results is priority number one. But you and your patient also want those results to last. So how do you achieve both?

The composites, adhesives and cements you select for your restorations must deliver the esthetics you and your patient demand, while also providing exceptional adhesion and color stability to ensure resilient results. Achieving all the above may seem like a near impossible task. Is it possible to have the best of all worlds: radiant restorations, reliable adhesion and consistent color? The answer is yes, with the right products that work together to optimize the qualities you demand, and your patients deserve.

Radiantly real

First and foremost, you want your restorations to look amazing — while also looking true to life. To that end, search for a product that combines long-lasting high gloss with a superior blend that closely resembles your patients’ natural enamel.

Harmonize by Kerr, for example, uses innovative ART (Adaptive Response Technology) to support lifelike restorations with better and longer-lasting shine than other leading composite brands. With nanofiller particles that retract and diffuse light just like enamel does, Harmonize additionally creates a superior chameleon effect for restorations that blend seamlessly with your patient’s smile.

Color that never quits

Achieving radiant results is top of your list. You’ll also want to make sure those results last. Over time, restorations are exposed to all manner of substances that can cause discoloration and detract from your patients’ beautiful smile — and your beautiful work.

So make sure the products you use are thoroughly tested for color stability. With its proprietary amine-free initiator system and optimized resin mix, NX3 Nexus Third Generation universal adhesive resin cement minimizes color shifts. In fact, NX3 Nexus when used with OptiBond eXTRa Universal, showed virtually imperceptible color shifts compared with other leading dual-cure resin cements after being submerged in water for 28 weeks. Which means the color you carefully select for your patients’ smile will stay true to the original restoration.

Better bonds

You want your restorations to look great, with lifelike esthetics and lasting color. You also want the confidence of knowing the radiant restorations you so artfully create will also withstand the daily wear and tear your patients put them through. That’s where adhesion and bond strength come in.

The use of Optibond eXTRa and Harmonize for my direct restorations and Optibond eXTRa and NX3 for my indirect restorations allows me to provide my patients with exceptional, esthetic dentistry. The best part? The only people who know any work has been done are me and my patient.

– Dr. Kate Schacherl, Verona, Wisc.

For that added confidence, select products that offer reliable adhesion and proven bond strength across a full range of substrates as well as direct and indirect applications. NX3 Nexus Third Generation, for instance, has exceptional bond strength and permanent adhesion for various substrates and indirect applications. It also has demonstrated superior shear bond strength to dentin in a self-cure mode with no activator required.

In the adhesives category, OptiBond eXTRa Universal has been shown to deliver more reliable adhesion than other adhesive monomers, thanks to its patented GPDM Monomer technology designed to anchor to the tooth’s surface while effectively interfacing with the hydrophobic resin. Because its adhesive component is hydrophobic, OptiBond eXTRa Universal offers excellent polymerization to boost mechanical strength, bond durability and marginal integrity. Combined, these innovations result in better bond strengths to dentin and enamel as well as indirect dentin bond strengths when used with self-cured resin cements.

Bringing it all together

Exceptional esthetics, lifelike appearance, long-lasting color, strong bonds and simplified workflow — it may seem like you’ll need a closet full of products to meet your complete restoration needs. The good news is, you don’t. Artisan by Kerr brings together three proven solutions that combine seamlessly to help you create radiant smiles with lasting results. With Harmonize universal composite, OptiBond eXTRa Universal adhesive, and NX3 Nexus Third Generation universal adhesive resin cement, you’ll have all you need to continue creating artful restorations — without compromise.

To learn more about the combined restoration advantages of Artisan by Kerr, speak with your Patterson representative.

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