Stop Holding the World on Your Shoulders!

So, it’s Monday morning, you’ve just walked in the door at your dental practice. You feel pretty good, spent a nice relaxing weekend with your family at the family cabin. As the dental office manager you arrive early to try and get a jump on the week before your staff arrives. You sit down at your desk with that first cup of coffee and before you know it the clock strikes noon. By the end of the day you’re exhausted and it’s been a tough day.

When you leave the office you’re stressed, overwhelmed and maybe even feeling totally alone. Your staff was nitpicking at each other all day, your doctor was asking for updates on the research he asked you to do on a new technology for your practice, the phone wouldn’t stop ringing and you ended the day by looking at a seriously big hole in your hygiene schedule for the remainder of the week.

So does this sound like a day in the life of you? Are you feeling alone, stressed, feeling like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders when it comes to your practice? Well, for heaven’s sake, ask yourself, “Where can I go to get some help?” Now that you’ve asked that question, let me answer it for you…. The American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) is an association for you and the thousands of other practice administrators in the dental industry.

AADOM’s goal is very simple, to “build an organization designed to foster a sense of community among dental office managers and practice administrators, which caters to their unique needs and helps them thrive and succeed.”  AADOM has done just that! As the Diamond level sponsor of AADOM, we at Patterson have seen firsthand what this
association provides to the dental industry, and more importantly to you, the dental office manager.

Here are just a few of the resources available to you as an AADOM member:

  • Largest national network of dental office managers – over 8,000 active participants
  • AADOM Member Forum – a secure message forum board (login required) where ideas, questions and resources for best practices are shared by members
  • National Dental Office Managers Conference – the AADOM annual conference is the premier event for dental office managers and administrators
  • AADOM registered local study club registry – find a study club close to you where you can network with peers dealing with the same challenges you do
  • FAADOM – access the AADOM fellowship program and increase your professional education

There are so many other resources that are available to you as an AADOM member. So what’s stopping you from becoming a member today? If you’re a Patterson Advantage customer, you’re eligible for a complimentary first year membership on us!

So stop carrying the world on your shoulders. Go to today to sign up. Or if you’re a Patterson Advantage customer, contact your Patterson representative today to get your first year membership on us!

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  1. Do you ever offer scholarships or help with joining? Our office is small and $$ is tight, but I would love to join if I could afford the fee

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