The Importance of Ergonomics in Dentistry

Hand fatigue is a serious issue. When workers carry out demanding, tedious or repetitive tasks, the muscles, nerves and tendons in their hands, wrists and arms are susceptible to strain. When a person wears a glove that restricts movement, he or she must exert more muscle effort to perform tasks, thereby increasing the risk of strain, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The combined cost of lost wages and production, medical expenses and worker’s compensation resulting from hand injuries results in a sizeable financial toll on individuals and employers.

The solution is ERGOFORM certified gloves

ERGOFORM is a new technology that enables Ansell to design hand protection that supports musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks and improves worker performance. Ansell does this by measuring the toll of occupational activities and applying cutting-edge technologies to produce single-use gloves with improved dexterity, comfort and fit when compared with barehanded and/or competitors’ gloves.

A product with ERGOFORM certification has been scientifically proven to deliver measurable improvements in worker comfort, fit and productivity while reducing the risk factors associated with ergonomic injury. Ansell is the only disposable glove manufacturer to offer ergonomically certified gloves.

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