The Wave of Success

It’s great having an orthodontic software system that integrates your practice from imaging to scheduling and beyond, according to Darren Pakravan, DDS, MS. It’s even better to have one that integrates with your supplier, too.

That’s what Pakravan, owner of Windy City Orthodontics in Chicago, Ill., discovered when he chose to work with Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions as he opened the practice in 2010. After learning about various practice management software systems while working for a group dental practice during his residency, Dolphin Imaging was the software that stood out for him.

“I knew the support from Dolphin Imaging was great and the software was very versatile and user-friendly,” said Pakravan. “It’s structured around the fact that orthodontic treatment is a recurring series of appointments rather than a series of appointments billed individually, like the standard dental model. It’s all laid out very clearly and it’s well integrated, which makes it easy to jump from patient information to treatment information to financial information to imaging and so forth.”

As he looked further into working with Dolphin, he discovered the benefits of working with Patterson Dental, too. When his real estate broker suggested he connect with Patterson as he grew closer to building his own office, he heeded the advice. Soon, Patterson was assisting with office design and space planning.

Pakravan also discovered another bonus to the relationship: the Wave financing program, which is a Dolphin software rebate that makes it easier to bring in the revolutionary software. In addition to 0-percent financing, orthodontists can earn up to $25,000 in Dolphin software rebates when combined with purchases of Patterson supplies and equipment.

“One of the biggest values in working with Dolphin and Patterson was the rebate program,” said Pakravan. “The software just made sense for me in my practice, because of its orthodontic focus, and with the rebate program, it made financial sense as well.”

Relying on Patterson for all of his practice needs has made a big difference for the doctor. “If I have a specific problem or a question I know exactly who I can go to and they know exactly where to find the answer,” Pakravan said.

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