What you pay attention to, works

In business and in life, the activities that you pay attention to the most tend to grow and flourish. When it comes to your practice, what behaviors are you paying attention to the most and how are you creating awareness around the healthy behaviors that will help you grow and develop your ideal practice lifestyle?

Tracking is often relegated to reviewing “passive statistics” from your practice management software: Production, Collections, Accounts Receivable, etc. Most teams associate tracking with increased paperwork and things that take away from the patient experience. Try creating a culture of awareness by focusing on “active statistics” instead. Active statistics are those individual interactions between the team and the patient that occur on every single visit. Tired of empty hygiene schedules and no one having the time to do a big calling campaign to reactivate old charts? Nip it in the bud and focus on the active behavior of scheduling the patient when they are in the chair. Track the patient experience. Cash flow a crunch? Focus on payment at the time of service to increase cash flow and reduce Accounts Receivable.

What you pay attention to, works. By being selective and proactive in what you track, you can focus the team on the behaviors in the moment that impact the “passive statistics.” OnTrack provides a system and method for being “in the moment” by tracking active statistics in real time as your team is interacting with patients.  Practice management systems are full of passive statistics, but for real change in behavior and results, also including a system that tracks and focuses attention on “active statistics” is key.

The other fun part of tracking active statistics? You can catch your team doing something right! In a day and age when it is easy to become reactive and only focus on the negative things that happen during the day, being able to point to the positive things that happen each day encourages team members for great performance, and identifying talent right in your own practice is invaluable. Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated for a job well done and for contributing to the team’s success. OnTrack helps you quickly and easily identify the positive behaviors and allows you to encourage your team members.

For more information about OnTrack, ask your Patterson territory representative, visit www.myontrack.com or call 800.496.0883.

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