Working with Trends in Eaglesoft

Have you ever looked at Trends within Eaglesoft? Trends is a practice management feature that allows you to view office totals according to specified criteria. From Trends, you can import and enter data according to month, year, or any other date range. To access Trends go to:

Activities > Practice Management > Trends

Once Trends opens up, you will see numerous fields where you can select the desired date range to import data into the specified fields. Other areas can be manually entered as a well.

Here’s a tip: For Trends to work best for you, I suggest that you generate it on a monthly basis and close the current month first, then run the A/R by responsibility party report and import that month’s information.

There are many fields in Trends but you don’t need to input data into every field.  You can choose which areas you would like to track. This is a great way to see all of your desired goals and see progress you’ve made with each goal in a single report. If you would like more information on trends you may access our FAQ.

As always, please contact our Patterson Technology Center at 800.475.5036 for more information about using the trends feature in Eaglesoft. You can also utilize your local Patterson technology advisors.

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  1. Is there a class on how to start and fully utilize Trends,Revenuewell .etc in the management of my dental practice.I believe HenrySchein has a “business class or classes.

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