X-ray Vision

There you are, doing what you do, practicing great dentistry. You have a patient in your chair, their digital X-rays showing on your monitor. Problem is, you would like to compare them to their last X-rays. But those last X-rays were taken before you went digital. No problem. Now you don’t have to have your patient strain their neck to view those old X-rays over on your light box – you can simply press a button and change the monitor they are already looking at to a light box. So simple.

Technology marches on. This is a fact, as we all know. How quickly we march with it, however, is a different story. That’s what makes this new AG Neovo monitor so unique and amazing. In less than a second, you can bring the X-rays of old directly to your patients – all on one monitor.

This 19-inch monitor is made of durable, hard glass and features Anti-Burn-in™. Plus the Advanced Image Platform™ flawlessly reproduces CCTV images and its EcoSmart sensor slashes power use by up to one-third. It’s state of the art and so much more than the traditional monitor.