Eaglesoft Webinar: Year-End Wrap-Up

How well do you analyze the available dental benefits of your patients? We know the patient probably isn’t vigorously reviewing their policy details, so they may not even know they have benefits available to them! An important exercise for any practice to conduct toward the end of the year is to look at the available dental benefits of your patients and communicate their options to them. And my webinar next week will cover this very topic, and more.

We will cover three main areas that can assist a patient in receiving the highest quality of care while using the remainder of their available dental benefits:

  1. Treatment plans
  2. Overdue hygiene visits
  3. Unused dental benefits

Reviewing these three things is key to achieving practice growth. Creating action plans for the team can help the practice set goals for the upcoming year. Verbal skills, detailed letters and effective written protocols are essential to practice success.

Can’t wait to have you all on my call November 12, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. CST.  Join me…won’t you?