11 Intriguing Designers Ready to Bring Your Dream Practice to Life

11 intriguing designer ready to bring your dream practice to lifeOprah may have design guru Nate Berkus, and HGTV may have design power couple Chip and Joanna Gaines, but Patterson is not one to be outdone. We have an elite team of design rock stars ready, eager, and qualified to bring your dream practice to life. ? Our DesignEdge professionals will help you create an interior design plan that reflects your style and the way you and your team practice dentistry. Comprehensive and complimentary services include assistance choosing a color scheme, selecting wall and floor coverings, and matching equipment finishes throughout your practice.

Besides being able to whip up the perfect floor plan, our designers bring a diverse set of knowledge and experiences to every project they tackle. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the profiles below. We’ve got a former Navy sonar expert, a sustainability champion, two equestrians, and several designers who have been with Patterson for over two decades! Meet 11 intriguing folks ready to make your dream practice a reality:


1. This military man, who could use echolocation to choose the best spot for your water cooler.

Office Designer Mark Supanchick Click Image for Larger View


2. This savvy world traveler, who will infuse some ethnic flare into your decor.

Office Designer Sherry TassavoriClick Image for Larger View


3. This stickler for detail, who can pluck out a guitar ditty to celebrate your successful redesign.

Office Designer John HirschClick Image for Larger View


4. This ski fanatic, whose HOM furniture background means your reception area chairs will be extra trendy.

Office Designer Kristi DemengeghiClick Image for Larger View


5. This proud granddad, who could deliver a pediatric office design able to hold the attention of wild young boys.

Office Designer Tim KingClick Image for Larger View


6. This outdoor enthusiast, who knows that when it comes to office design “going green” is more than a paint choice.

Patterson Office Designer Ashleigh KahlerClick Image for Larger View


7. This gearhead, who draws his professional philosophy from a Taylor Swift song and can’t wait to fill your “blank space” with great design.

Office Designer Mark RuaneClick Image for Larger View


8. This southern belle, who might try and convince you to move your practice closer to the beach.

Office Designer Julie CheathamClick Image for Larger View


9. This angler, who is eager to assemble the pieces of your practice’s puzzle.

Office Designer Richard HagemannClick Image for Larger View


10. This saucy stylist, who will probably suggest stocking your waiting room with wings.

Office Designer Meryl Rosemarin Click Image for Larger View


11. This comic collector, who will design you a space that kicks so much butt it deserves a black belt.

Office Designer David McDonaldClick Image for Larger View

Interesting bunch, right? However intriguing their hobbies and interests may be, we acknowledge that remodeling an existing practice or designing a new practice from the ground up is a BIG decision, and you’ll probably need more information before moving forward. Good news! Our DesignEdge team can also connect you with all the resources and inspiration you’ll need in order to make informed decisions regarding your office design.

Visit this page to start your journey and when you’re ready, click the “Request a Design” button so that one of these intriguing ladies and gents can start bringing your dream practice to life!

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