10 Ways to Have Fun at Work

Has the mood in your dental office felt a bit dreary lately? Or, maybe your coworkers seem a little more disengaged than usual? We spend a third of our lives at work, so why not spice things up? Packing fun into your workplace can help build camaraderie, increase productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and encourage creativity. Make your employees eager to come into the office by setting up a pleasant, productive, inviting environment that’s conducive to getting work done.

And, what better way to do this than participating in National Have Fun At Work Day on January 28! We challenge you to rejuvenate your office with one of these 10 “Fun at Work Day” ideas.


1. Turn Up the Tunes

When it seems like your office has been hit by those Monday morning blues, try turning up the tunes. Music has the ability to quickly shift our moods, improve accuracy, increase productivity, and relax employees. Perk up your team members by creating a communal playlist featuring every team member’s favorite song(s). Here are some winning office playlist ideas to get you started. Who knows, maybe this burst of fresh music will even spur a spontaneous dance party!


2. Have Dress Up Days

Halloween costumes, Super Bowl spirit wear, ugly Christmas sweaters, fun-patterned scrubs…the list goes on! Dress up days allow your employees to show off their personalities and channel their creativity, and they also inspire friendly competition. Not to mention, your patients will think it’s pretty cool that you and your staff know how to have a good time. Just make sure your festive garb still adheres to official infection control guidelines.


3. Team Meals

Everybody eats, so why not eat together? Conversing over food is an easy way to get to know your coworkers and helps build camaraderie and nurture deeper work relationships. If you can foster an environment where coworkers are establishing true friendships with the people around them, the happier they will be. Team meal ideas include: hire a food truck, hire a coffee barista for the day, go to a restaurant together, or cater in! For a budget-friendly idea, try a salad bar day where every team member brings in their favorite topping.


4. Team Exercise

There’s no better way to energize your employees than team exercise. It could be as simple as walking around the building during breaks, occasionally stretching at your desk, or taking a trip to a nearby park. Take it to the next level by starting a company recreational sports league. If recreational sports aren’t your thing, you could try a “laughter yoga” session, which provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Whatever your exercise of choice may be, any kind of exercise can provide excellent health benefits and revive your entire team. #TeamBuilding


5. Decorate Your Office

Are you tired of white walls, white ceilings, and unflattering lighting? Just because it’s an office, that doesn’t mean it has to look like one. Decorating your office can have a huge impact on how employees and patients feel toward your business – it reflects the culture and brand of your company. Also, allowing employees to decorate their workplace is a great morale booster. Double happiness points for adding bright colors and big live plants!


6. Try a Current Social Trend

Social media trends = a well of inspiration. Being open to these opportunities allows you and your team to do something different and entertaining while stepping outside of your company comfort zone. Better yet, share it on your social pages and you will be sure to stand out from the crowd of other dental offices. Ideas: Mannequin challenge, ice bucket challenge, Harlem Shake, etc.


7. Stock an Epic Snack Stash

Stocking up on snacks is cheap, and creates a focal point for conversation in the office. It also keeps people really happy, because they don’t have to constantly run out of the office if they want a little bite to eat. Think of this as your new social hot spot when it comes to stimulating fun conversation in the office. Who doesn’t like to chat over a quick snack?


8. Build a “Wall of Fame”

What better way to recognize your employee and company successes than putting them on full display? Designate a wall in the office as the “Wall of Fame,” then encourage everyone in the office to contribute. Share awards (serious or funny), press clippings, thank you notes from patients – anything and everything that you see fit. This space dedicated to positivity will put a little pep in the step of all team members that contributed – or anyone that walks by!


9. Have a Prize Corner…For Grownups!

Why let young patients have all the fun? Create a “treasure corner” for your staff too! Instead of bouncy balls and stickers, stock it full of adult prizes – bottles of wine, local sports collectables, tickets to local events, gift cards, or even a “prime parking spot ticket-” talk about motivation. This is a special way to show your employees they are appreciated, and prizes can be distributed as often as desired. Who doesn’t like surprises?


10. Create Art Together

Creating artwork together is a fun and collaborative opportunity for your team to socialize and to discover who has hidden artistic talents. How about painting a mural on an office wall together, or creating holiday decorations? Or, you could unwind after a long day of work with these free coloring pages. A team that creates art together stays together!

If your office is in a winter rut, maybe it’s time to add a little pizzazz to your workday. The 10 ideas above are a great place to start. Encourage silliness and fun like this often enough, and every day will start to feel a bit more like fun at work day. Show everyone just how contagious fun is, by sharing your #HaveFunAtWorkDay moments with us (and your patients) this week on social media!

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