A Better Prepared Practice

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Charlene White’s article “Activate Practice Proaction to Prevent a Panicked Reaction” in the current edition of The Wave. Read the full article in that publication. Don’t have it? Contact a Patterson representative to find out how you can get one today. 

You can’t afford to put your practice on cruise control in a competitive market. As external factors change, practices must proactively change, as well. Surround yourself with a talented team and be willing to take action. Following are some key steps to help you focus on the areas that benefit you the most.

Rate yourself as a leader.

An effective leader shares a vision, sets goals and leads the team to success. Superb leaders understand the power of communication and the importance of earning the respect and loyalty of their team.

Build a team of external experts.

The proactive orthodontist knows that investing in a team of external experts can expedite success and prevent costly mistakes. This team should include experts in the fields of finance, accounting, law, practice management consulting, human resources and marketing.

Build a team of internal experts.

In order to build an internal team of experts, you must develop and implement hiring and training programs. Team members should be accountable for their areas of responsibility. Systems must be in place to ensure duties are not falling through the cracks. I recommend each team builds its own set of video clips for training staff.

Get your team excited about embracing technology.

The technology available to the orthodontic team is changing daily. Practices willing to invest the time and money to upgrade equipment and software in every department of the office are well ahead of the pack.

Charlene White is an industry professional with decades of orthodontic experience. See all her tips in The Wave!