A Great Time for Schick

With an amazing special offer extended through April 26, there is no better time to purchase Schick intraoral imaging products. This promotion is designed to make it more convenient than ever to invest in this difference-making technology. Whether your office is currently digital or still using film, we have a program that makes the impact of the upfront investment as minimal as possible.

If you have existing sensors in your office and are simply looking to upgrade to the newest sensor on the market, industry-leading image quality and the top-notch support you receive from Patterson and the PTC, we have programs that place the price of the technology at a much lower than normal level. If you are a film office, or are simply looking to add to your existing platform and not make a trade, we have a finance program that allows for you to take possession of the items now and get 12 months of use with them before you ever pay the first dollar, all while no finance charges accrue. Both programs have the added benefit of 2012 pricing through the end of the promotions.

The technology that goes into the latest Schick sensor, the Schick 33, truly sets it apart in the market. Feel free to go to the Schick 33 product page and scroll down to the “Try Simulator” button to see what the new “me-sets” technology can do for your office. The combination of the raw image quality and the image presets easily controlled by you make it worth seeing live in your office. Contact your Patterson representative today as these promotions expire April 26, 2013.