A Place for Artistry in Dentistry Today

As dentistry has evolved over the years, we at Patterson Dental have grown to support it. Today’s dental patients have an expectation that technology like digital X-ray will play a role in their treatment. But few know of the combination of technology and artistry that takes place behind the scenes in the dental lab to create their dentures, crown or bridge.

Patterson is committed to supporting the work of lab professionals by providing everything you need to complete each job to your satisfaction and to your customers’ expectations.

We know there are many options for where to buy lab supplies, and we strive to stand out by guaranteeing fast and accurate delivery, a flat-fee shipping rate on all orders, a carefree return policy, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When Patterson’s 2013-2014 Lab Annual catalog drops in mailboxes February 25, we look forward to hearing from you about how we can support the artistry in your lab.