Jana Berghoff
Technology Marketing Manager
Patterson Dental

A registered dental hygienist, Jana spent the first 23 years of her professional career working both in the clinical dental setting and in practice management. For the past 10 years, she has worked in various capacities with Patterson Dental to bring technology to the dental office. She has specialized in EagleSoft and Schick Technologies software products, Patterson hardware offerings, CAESY Patient Education Systems and various digital imaging products. Jana has conducted in-office trainings in offices nationwide as well as presenting seminars and publishing articles to help dental professionals take the initial steps toward operating a computerized, digital office. She presently serves as the Technology Marketing Manager of Patterson Dental.

Patient education software has helped educate patients and increase dental practices’ case acceptance for years. During that time, CAESY has been the premier patient education software. As the dental technology leader, we were determined to take CAESY to the next …
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