CEREC Education and Support

When you make a major investment, such as with CEREC, it’s important to commit yourself to fully learning the technology. At Patterson, we will help you get the most out of your CEREC through our Building Blocks of CEREC Success education program, starting with accepting the technology and continuing through developing your skills.

Our team of CEREC specialists, technology advisors, CEREC trainers and others walks you through the process of crafting beautiful digital impressions and restorations with your new technology.

Patterson has also made a major investment in the Patterson Technology Center (PTC), a support infrastructure dedicated exclusively to taking care of your technology. The PTC is second to none in the dental industry, with more than 300 team members dedicated to supporting you and your CEREC.

The Building Blocks of Success


From excellent clinical results to increased financial control over your business, CEREC provides a welcoming solution for both your patients and your practice. Accepting the benefits yourself is the first step to CEREC success.

When you Accept the integration of CEREC into your practice, we’ll guide your steps as you follow the path that more than 10,000 dentists in North America have traveled. Patterson is your partner throughout the journey.


Begin your education on CEREC technology by attending a two-day introductory CEREC training course, held at one of our training facilities.

Wherever you choose to train, you’ll learn alongside colleagues and from experienced CEREC clinical trainers.


After you return from the two-day Beginning Orientation course, it’s time for in-office clinical training with CEREC. Your Patterson team will be on hand as you and staff members work through live patient cases. Take Control and drive your new CEREC toward success.

20 Restorations in 30 Days

The ABCD program is designed to help you successfully navigate your first 20 restorations within 30 days. Whether you’re working on patients, models, assistants or family members, by pushing yourself to complete 20 restorations in the first month of CEREC ownership, you’ll become proficient with the machine in a shorter amount of time. Document the cases in your C-Control book and share the information with your technology advisor and in-office instructors, who will help you perfect the restoration process and troubleshoot any issues you might encounter.


Ongoing CEREC education from certified trainers across the U.S. will help you and your staff continue to Develop your skills and discover new ways to leverage the capabilities of your CEREC system.

Watch this video to get more insight into the benefits of CEREC education.

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