Comfort Meets Style in the New A-dec 400

When I talk with doctors who have invested in A-dec chairs, I frequently hear: “My patients are so comfortable they fall asleep,” or, “One patient asked me if she could buy one for her house.” A-dec chairs are just that comfortable.

But it’s not just the patients who find comfort in these chairs. These same doctors have also told me that in working with A-dec’s ergonomic chairs and delivery systems, they have virtually eliminated any aches and pains previously felt after a full day at the office. And there’s also comfort in knowing that A-dec chairs are built to withstand the tests of time.

A-dec’s newest addition, the A-dec 400, takes comfort and style to a whole new level. This combined dental chair and delivery system offers all the aesthetics and ergonomics you’d expect from A-dec with less complexity and a competitive price point.

The A-dec 400 offers a fully customizable and truly ambidextrous configuration to meet your unique practice needs, with front- and back-mounting locations for the delivery system and support-side modules. The Radius delivery and support modules quickly and easily rotate around the chair for complete left/right compatibility. Additionally, you can choose from three dental light offerings and factory-installed ancillaries that can be integrated into the delivery system and pre-wired for the touchpad controls.

To elevate treatment room proficiency and enhance your access to the patient, A-dec 400 optimizes ergonomics with an ultra-thin backrest and positioning of controls and ancillaries, while eliminating unnecessary movement.

The A-dec 400 comes in sleek seamless upholstery or plush sewn upholstery in A-dec’s wide range of designer color options, making it an excellent complement to A-dec’s other product lines.

Ask your Patterson Dental representative about the new A-dec 400 or get more information on the A-dec website.