Dental Treatment (and Buying DentaCheques) Saves Lives!

Buying a DentaCheques book is more impactful than you might think. Take, for instance, Randall. Twenty-six years ago, Randall, age 57, donated a kidney to his sister. Now, with end-stage renal disease himself, he couldn’t qualify for a kidney transplant without the dental treatment he severely needed. Thankfully, Randall’s nephrologist referred him to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. His application was prioritized due to the severity of his need and he linked with two volunteers who agreed to help immediately. The two volunteers, with help from a volunteer lab that donated fabrications, completed Randall’s treatment. Restoring his oral health allowed Randall to qualify for a kidney transplant.

For many others like Randall, Dental Lifeline Network is the final safety net for people who can’t afford dental care. Did you know that Medicare does not cover dental treatment and Medicaid provides few or no dental therapies for adults? Without sales of DentaCheques books and funds from other supporters and donors, people like Randall would be unable to qualify for medical treatment and would still live with the pain of rotting teeth and a swollen mouth.

Each DentaCheques book that is purchased generates $1,300 in dental care to vulnerable people. With Randall’s treatment valued at $2,400, it takes just two books purchased to help someone like him. To order your DentaCheques 2012 book (or books!), please contact your local Patterson Dental territory representative.

To learn more about Dental Lifeline Network and our programs, please visit or call 1-888-471-6334.