Intelligent alerts with IntelliCare

After just returning from the 11th Annual American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) Conference in Nashville, it occurred to me how many offices are still not benefitting from a great feature we had incorporated into our practice management software, Eaglesoft, 9 years ago.

IntelliCare, what some of us refer to as “Intelligent” alerts, brings the efficiency and effectiveness of indicator icons, as well as reminder popup windows, to many of the areas that a dental office wants reminders about regarding their patients and the care given to them. In a dental office, it’s all about your patients, the livelihood of your practice and giving your patients the best experience possible when interacting with your office team.

Think of the many possibilities this feature can create for your office team to communicate with your patients. How often during a morning team “huddle” does the team remind each other of a simple task of wishing your patients a “Happy Birthday” when their birthday date is near the date of their visit. How about checking to see when patients are due for their bitewing X-rays, a full mouth series or a panorex. Better yet, a reminder to let the front office team ask your patients for a missing email address. For new offices that track how a patient is referred to their office, an IntelliCare reminder can be created to remind the team if the “referred in” information is not filled in. This is an efficient way to remind your team to ask for updates to the patient’s information.

When the criteria set by the IntelliCare reminder is fulfilled, the Indicator icon or pop up disappears! By far, these alerts are intelligent reminders.

The first step in creating an IntelliCare reminder is to access the feature under Lists/IntelliCare. Choosing the “New” option opens a window that gives different tabs containing specific criteria about your patients. You will see below, the setup for reminding your team to ask for a missing email address found under the Patient Info tab. I have circled the tab, as well as the criteria, the pop up message when hovering over the icon on the patient’s appointment and the area where the icon is added to the IntelliCare reminder.

Eaglesoft IntelliCare 1

Your office even has the ability to set these reminders specific to “Account types” and utilize the Patient Info tab for your Medicaid patients. Create an Account type for “Medicaid”, then check off missing Medicaid ID and this reminder will only look to your patients who have that specific Account type attached.

The Account tab can be used for account balances that have not had a payment in over 30 days. When the patient gives your front office team a payment, the reminder icon disappears, automatically! How simple and efficient is that!

The next step is to be sure you add the IntelliCare reminders to your setup for your OnSchedule to view the indicator icons on your patients’ appointments. This is found under the drop-down menu on your OnSchedule: Tools/Setup Items. Once these reminder icons are added to the setup, for any patient who meets the criteria of the IntelliCare reminders you have created, the icons will appear on their appointment. When communicating with your office team about the patient, as well as speaking with the patient over the phone or in person, this information can be reviewed. When the criteria is met, the icon disappears!

Eaglesoft IntelliCare

All the information on how to create and utilize this helpful feature can be found by accessing our FAQ website: and typing IntelliCare in the Search by Keyword field.

Our Patterson Technology Support team, as well as your local Technology Advisor, are available and willing to assist with any questions about IntelliCare. They are there to help you reach that next level with Eaglesoft.

Start using IntelliCare and open the door in your Eaglesoft program to more efficient communication and a positive patient experience!

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