Eaglesoft on iPad®

iPads® certainly have the world abuzz. People love them and I have to admit, I’m not sure what I would do without mine. I’m happy to let you know that you can use your iPad to run your Eaglesoft software.

All you need to do is purchase the iTap RDP app at a cost of $11.99 and then contact the PTC support staff to set you up. With iTap RDP, you remotely control another computer in your office that is running Eaglesoft. You will then have full access to Eaglesoft via an iPad. It’s as simple as that.

Here are a few of my recommendations on how to use Eaglesoft on the iPad:

  • Fast check-in – let your patients check themselves in on the iPad
  • Viewing images/treatment plans chairside
  • Informed consent/medical history chairside
  • Use outside the office for looking up patients, etc.

While iPads are amazing, they cannot replace your operatory computers. They do not have the ability to capture digital images or connect any USB device. As the technology continues to advance, we will make sure to keep you informed of how Eaglesoft on the iPad can help you run your practice even more efficiently.


21 thoughts on “Eaglesoft on iPad®

  1. I use JUMP for remote desktop connections to my terminal server. It is great in a pinch, but I would not consider it ready for prime-time in front of patients for my office.

    1. Thank you for your recommendation. This is in consideration now and I will forward your thoughts.

  2. yeah absolutely coz the Dtap is slow!! takes forever ! also u cant use the computer it is connected as a workstation simutaneously.

  3. We hear you. There are many plans for Eaglesoft in the future and this is certainly on the list. Thank you for your comments.

  4. Is there any update on the development of the Eaglesoft app? Should I stop holding my breathe? 🙂

          1. Based on this recommendation and speaking to your tech support that said Windows 8 would be fine but not Windows RT we opted to purchase windows 8 tablet PCs to run fast check in. We are today trying to install fast checkin and hit an error message. Your support desk says windows 8 is incompatible with Eaglesoft and fast check in. We now own the hardware and cannot use it. What do you suggest?

          2. We want to run fast checkin on our recently purchased windows 8 based tablet pcs. We are told they are not compatible with Eaglesoft 16 but many of your blog entries say that they are. Please advise.

  5. I was just told I could load fast check in on our server and as long as no one was using it as a desktop, we could run an ipad with iTapp off of it for fast checkin without compromising server function. Is this true? It also sounded like there are not many ofices using iPads for fast checkin. For those who are, what is your experience?

    1. The native windows tablets are really the best option however, your information is correct. I would suggest calling into support to have them verify your individual hardware set-up will support this functionality.
      We actually have many offices using the iPad for fast check that are very happy with the functionality.

  6. In addition to the functions already mentioned is it possible for my staff to schedule appointments and check account information with ipad in eaglesoft or is it too slow.

  7. Question, is there anyway on an Ipad via Itap to sign the fast checkin forms? So far I havent been able to figure that out.

  8. Is it just me or does it seem that Eaglesoft is always so late on adding support for new technology? I do the IT work for my wife’s dental practice (running Eaglesoft) and honestly it’s getting to be frustrating. No iPad native application for use chair side or for patient sign in…. no support of running Eaglesoft applications on Virtual Machines (which make sense in small to medium practices for a lot of reasons)… very limited supported hardware, no support yet for MS Server 2012. It seems to me that with the hefty support charges that Eaglesoft gets that we should be getting better support.

  9. Any progress/updates on a native ipad app for fast check in? We have multiple custom documents to be completed and the signature capture is clunky, patients complain about it. I think it’s way past time for EagleSoft to come out with an app.

  10. When using an ipad in office for patients, are they able to fill out a health history on the tablet also for Eaglesoft?

  11. The office I’ve worked for never utilizes fast check-in, but I’ve recently installed Eaglesoft 17 on my Windows tablet and aside from always having to force-close the compatibility checker, it works great and a Windows 8 pro tablet these days can be purchased for as much as an ipad.

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