Bib-Eze: A Solution for Bib Holder Cross-Contamination Risk

With all the focus on improving infection control in dentistry it is surprising that sometimes we miss the obvious – the bib chain. Those chains and holders that hang around patients’ necks are exposed to the same germs that land on the bib, yet little attention was paid to keeping them clean until recently. In fact, a recent poll of dentists, assistants and RDHs demonstrated that over 80% were aware of the risk and that close to 75% had taken action to protect themselves and their patients from the risk of cross- ontamination with bib holders and bib chains.

The next logical question is “What’s the best solution to addressing the concern?” Offices may be tempted to try to disinfect “better” but that action will be in vain as the design of the chains does not permit you to get into the cracks and crevices that harbor pathogens. You can sterilize between each patient but that could be time-consuming. The best solution is Bib-Eze, a disposable bib holder. Not only do you avoid the risk of contamination because you use a fresh Bib-Eze for every patient and throw it away with the napkin, but you also are introducing a softer, more comfortable aspect to a patient’s dental visit. Be sure to highlight the fact that your office has switched over to a disposable option to the patient – they’ll appreciate your concern for their comfort and safety. The switch to Bib-Eze is easy and economical too. A box of Bib-Eze comes with 250 disposable bib holders and each one costs less than a single disinfectant wipe.

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