Educational Tools Increase Case Acceptance

When it comes to ensuring that a customer understands the value of an important investment in any business, oftentimes seeing is believing. Wise consumers like to educate themselves before proceeding with accepting goods or services, especially those that might be outside of their comfort zones. The same is true for patients of a dental practice. Though the desire to properly manage their dental health is there, they might question how necessary or valuable procedures that exceed their ideal financial parameters really are. Educational tools, such as the intraoral camera or CAESY, can help by making the demonstration of essential patient needs an insightful and effective visual experience.

Using an intraoral camera can drastically impact the likelihood of a patient accepting treatment. Patients are better able to recognize the treatment needs that are appropriate for them by seeing it for themselves, confirming that they can feel good about proceeding with the proper care. Time and money is then understood to be well spent on being proactive about your diagnosis and recommendations. As long as the treatment provider is able to comfortably discuss and use the intraoral camera, practices can be assured that patients are feeling more confident about your treatment plans and accepting them.

In making sure that your practice is effectively communicating informative treatment details to patients, review the following questions:

  • What types of educational tools do you use during treatment discussions?
  • What is your comfort level with patient discussions?

It is highly recommended to schedule some time with your team to facilitate intraoral camera tours on one another to make sure that everyone is comfortable using the camera.

By ensuring that your team understands and can effectively demonstrate the rationale for procedures by utilizing the intraoral camera, patients will be more inclined to accept future appointments and they will better understand the value of your recommended treatments. This interactive education can quickly turn consideration of a recommended procedure into assuredly investing in what is essential for optimal dental health.

OnTrack offers resources that will help implement this strategy and track your results. Go to for more information or speak to your Patterson representative about how to sign up to use OnTrack in your practice.