Enhancing Culture Through Better Selection

Building culture within the workplace means more than just creating an enjoyable place for your staff to work. A strong culture creates an atmosphere in which the attitudes and behaviors of the people that make up your team, office or business reflect the key characteristics and values of the organization itself. Culture sets the standards for what employees should say and do, whether that means providing a superior patient experience or making sound decisions on behalf of the business.

A critical, and often overlooked, factor of creating culture is employee selection. Finding those individuals who not only match the job description, but also embody the core values and beliefs of your organization can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Through utilizing a process of focused selection and hiring for “fit” you have an opportunity to create alignment, instilling a feeling of connectivity and a common sense of purpose among your team. When leadership and individuals are aligned in such a way, there’s less of a need for policy enforcement and management of behavior. Employees are innately able perform to expectation, thinking and acting directly on behalf of your desired culture.

You can enhance the culture of your practice by applying selection processes that focus on hiring for fit, in addition to the technical requirements of the job. Building a team of employees that reflects your strategic and business goals will ultimately help you meet those goals.