Get Organized with a Digital Implant Kit

With the ability to mill your abutments and implant crowns chairside (CEREC SW 4.2), it is imperative that you are organized. There are many parts and part numbers that go with everything in implants, and they can easily be forgotten, mislabeled, and lost. I suggest that you make a kit for yourself in order to make your treatment experience the easiest it can be.

First of all, you have to know what implant systems you are using the most. In our practice, we use a lot of Nobel Biocare and Straumann. We do occasionally place another brand like Biohorizons or 3i, but let’s make a kit that will satisfy what you do most often. The occasionally used implant systems can be ordered on an as-needed basis. The commonly used systems need to be in stock.

How much to have in stock would be up to you and your volume of implants. Personally, I want one of everythingand maybe two of the things that are most common. With Patterson’s quick delivery system, a large inventory isnot required. We placed our parts in a simple, clear plastic compartment box that we purchased at a craft store.This allows us to quickly see through the box and know what we need or already have.

Each compartment of the box is for a particular implant and size. For instance, the image shows the entire NobelBiocare Replace Select sizes. The compartments are labeled by name and particular color that is representativeofthe size designated by the implant manufacturer. Three main pieces are included in each compartment:

1. The implant analog

If there is any question on a size of a part, it can always be screwed into an analog for confirmation. Plus, it shows the color used by the implant company. It helps greatly after parts have gone througha sterilizer and someone forgets what they are.

2. A scan post

The scan post is always stored in the box screwed into the implant analog. This guarantees thatyou do not lose the small screw for it, and it can clearly be seen if it is present or not. The scan post is what isplaced into the mouth onto the implant with a plastic scan body. Extra scan bodies can be placed into their owncompartment because they fit all of the scan posts and TiBase pieces.

3. A TiBasekit

This is a small clear plastic box that holds the TiBase, a screw, and a plastic scan body. TheTiBase will receive the milled abutment or crown, and is part of the prosthetic.

TiBase Kit 1TiBase Kit 2TiBase Kit 3

Part numbers for the items can be placed in the compartment so that they can easily be replaced. Scan posts, scan bodies, and the TiBasekits are ordered through Patterson Dental. The implant analogs would be ordered directly from the implant manufacturer.

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  1. Hi Todd
    I have the inlab 15sw. Would you know of any where i can learn about implants? Classes? It seems pretty hard learning it watching the videos . I would like something more hands on.
    I know about implants, but not about scan post, scan bodies designing custom abutments.
    I appreciate any recommendations

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