A Patient Experience Win-Win

There is a strong connection between oral health and overall health. That’s not news to you, but too often, it is news to patients.

One of the goals of Hygiene Assistant Cynthia Clegg is to help patients understand how taking care of their oral health affects them overall. Patient understanding is the first step to more frequent dental visits to Cynthia’s office, Hadfield Dental Care in Lehi, Utah. In turn, that leads to healthier patients and a healthier practice, which Cynthia calls a win-win.

To help deliver that patient experience, Cynthia turns to Patterson when Hadfield Dental needs supplies or guidance, and always finds her representative eager to help. “There’s a connection in our office with our Patterson representative,” she said. “You feel like you’ve known him a long time.”

With Patterson’s partnership, Hadfield Dental staff members truly are able to focus on providing the best, most valuable experience for their patients. In Cynthia’s case, that means making sure they come back and improve their health for life.

In doing so, she finds that she benefits just as much as they do. See Cynthia’s story here. Then, share yours.