Grow Your Practice Through Professional Development

As a leader in your practice, whether you’re an office manager or dentist, one of your key responsibilities is to continually develop the individuals on your team. Intuitively we recognize that the acts of coaching, providing learning and growth opportunities, and training all impact our team’s ability to do their jobs more effectively and can help them achieve their professional goals. But did you stop to consider how your support and investment in the career growth of your staff has an impact on your practice?

Staff development can take a variety of shapes and forms:

  • Sending a team member to continuing education classes
  • Providing certification opportunities
  • Facilitating cross-training sessions
  • On-the-job coaching
  • Delegating and assigning expanded responsibilities

Any one of these activities, and then some, not only enhance your team’s capabilities, but in turn, allow your staff to meet your patients’ needs and address the ongoing challenges that your practice faces. Office staff who are informed of current policies, up to date on recent trends, and have the ability to integrate their new skills into their current job responsibilities can have an immeasurable impact on customer satisfaction and the productivity of your office.

The most successful leaders have figured out how to work through their teams, not around them. By investing in your staff’s success, your practice as a whole will benefit. How does your practice encourage staff development? Share your methods and experiences in the comments below!