How Consumer Behavior Impacts Case Acceptance

Have you ever wondered why some patients say yes to treatment and others don’t? This question has been on the minds of practicing dentists since the inception of dentistry. So what is the magic bullet to improve case acceptance?

Understanding how we, as consumers, think!

Consumers still carry a “laundry list” in their heads of things they want to buy, even if they have less discretionary spending than they did a few short years ago. This has them parsing their purchasing decisions more than ever. The goal is to figure out how you can move your dentistry up toward the top of the list of things they want. Notice the key word in that sentence is “WANT.”

Most doctors present treatment very clinically and logically, because that is how they were trained in dental school. The big challenge is that consumers don’t necessarily make logical decisions, they often make emotional decisions.

It is important to focus on the emotional benefit beneath the “need” for clinical dentistry when presenting treatment options to your patients. Aside from a reduction in acute pain, why should they want your dentistry?

Will it increase their personal self-confidence? Will it transform their smile? Or, will it improve their smile so much they might just find that life partner they have been looking for? When you start presenting appropriate treatments to your patients like this, they will find a way to afford your dentistry.

By looking at leading consumer product companies, we know that consumers happily spend money on things they want, regardless of the current state of the economy. But instead of telling you they don’t want the treatments you recommend, they reply with “I can’t afford it.” Certainly there are times when this is a valid objection. But there are other times where it is simply an excuse for “I want to buy other things.”

By framing your treatment plans around what patients really value and want as the benefits of a treatment, you are connecting with them on a more natural level. This will dramatically improve your case acceptance and your patient’s positive experience with your dentistry. Another benefit? Improved lifestyle for you and your team!

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  1. Great read. Connecting with each customer on an emotional level requires excellent communication skills including the all too rare component: listening. Here is to helping improve this skill!

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