How to Quickly Find Missed Revenue Opportunities with Eaglesoft

Eaglesoft is not your ordinary practice management software. Eaglesoft is packed with tools designed to help you grow your practice.

One simple way to track your practice’s success is to frequently review the Practice Management feature, Revenue Opportunities. Take control of your practice by evaluating potentially overlooked opportunities with this effortless task. Generate some “what-if” scenarios for revenue potential and instantly see the number of patients who meet the selected criteria and potential revenue to your practice.

The Revenue Opportunities tool will empower your team with the information they need to find and contact these patients. The simple calculator allows them to estimate the percentage of patients to comply as well as the average amount spent per visit, instantly allowing them to “see” the potential.

We probably all have outstanding accounts receivable, overdue recalls and old accepted treatment but sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. With Revenue Opportunities your staff can quickly query several options, establish a course of action and reach out to the patients who meet the criteria.

Evaluate your potential today by going to Activities > Practice Management > Revenue Opportunities from your Eaglesoft virtual front desk and see what possibilities lie ahead!